Bridget Hurley

Clairsentient Reader
Therapeutic massage
Guided meditation therapist
Regression therapist

Contact no: 079 5007319

My massage therapy includes aromatherapy remedial massage, which combines traditional massage techniques. Lomilomi is Hawaiian mind, body and soul ocean massage, done mostly on the back
It specialises in healing from the inside out, and energy healing, and energy balancing takes place during the session, which has similarities to reiki,
The patient is encouraged to surrender to the experience, as if they were in a meditation, and it’s very common to fall asleep during the session
Alternatively it’s also normal to to open up about any negative emotions or trauma, which are gently released from different parts of the body. As Dr Bradley Nelson says, trapped emotions are released naturally, and most often sub consciously during the session, leaving the receiver feeling refreshed and de-stressed and revitalized.

3rd eye readings are offered by myself, as another form of energy transfer. As a Clairsentient reader I have the ability to perceive emotional or psychic energy that is imperceptible to the 5 standard senses. I am able to usually intercept my clients 6th sense and assist them to reveal information and messages that lie deep in their sub conscious.

As a guided meditation therapist and regression therapist, I use basic hypnotherapy techniques to relax my client, and once in a deep trance-like state, the visualizations will assist them to receive messages that will help them to heal and give them immense comfort and love.

Bridget Hurley Testimonials

I recommend Bridget’s services

for a couple of reasons, some include her kindness, non judgmental, and openness. I have been seeing her for different reason over the past three years. Her intuition and various ways of interpreting possible scenarios have helped and guided tremendously. I regard her as highly trustworthy and discrete with a true psycic gift.

Thank you

- Adéle
Dear Bridget,

Thank you for the very insightful reading, you really picked up on my energy and gave a very accurate reading with a lot of useful information.
I would gladly recommend you to family and friends, your ability of being Clairvoyant and Transient is such a wonder gift.
I look forward to a follow up reading in a couple of months to let you know how it goes.

Yours sincerely,
- Rennette
Good morning, Bridget

I trust you are well.
I just wanted to send a message to you to express my gratitude for all your help, assistance and warm nature.
You have been a great friend and blessing since I know you and with all I've gone through.
I wanted to just share some news with you that all you have said to me in your readings have come true.
A lot took more time, but all fell into place.
I've met a wonderful woman and she treats me great; I have a job and stability as well as I'm closer to my spiritual life.
You said a long time ago that you see me with a woman and a daughter, and my partner has a daughter whom I love as well.
You said my future partner would be an Aries and at that time I thought it was my ex but turns out my current partner is Aries.
I have found a lot of balance; life isn't perfect but far better than it once was.
I don't know what's next to come but I'm far more wishful and open minded to what the universe has to offer.
I just want to thank you once more as you have played a major part in my life and to where I have been led you have guided me and prepared me.
As of this point, I'm the happiest I've ever been and just want all to continue to work out for me.
So, with that I just wanted to express my sincere gratitude to you.

Thank you so much for everything!

Kind regard
- Anonymous
Receiving a reading

from this healer has helped me to such great extent. Her insight is much appreciated.

Thank you,
- Eugene