Margaret's Client Stories

I met Margaret about 10 years ago at a friend’s birthday function.

I asked her what she did and she told me. I said “well I think I need to come see you …” little did I know how much my life would change for the better. Little did I know that there was a better way to live, and little did I know how much hurt, anger and dysfunction I was carrying. At that point I lived a pretty good life, but everything was a struggle, and there was always some form of drama or calamity in my life. Always something catastrophic which needed to be sorted out, and which conveniently kept my focus away from myself and honouring ME. I carried so much anger always, not even realising how self-destroying it was, and how much energy my anger took from me. I was constantly in survival mode – it became a way of life.

My healing journey started with Margaret, one visit at a time, small steps, small realisations, and slowly seeing how dysfunctional patterns and childhood traumas affected so many areas of my life and being. And slowly we began sorting through years of barriers, defenses, undealt trauma and issues. I had lots of unlearning to do. Through her various techniques and healing methods Margaret started rebuilding, healing, bettering and correcting my being. A single session with her achieved more than any doctor or therapist could do in weeks. She works on so many levels at once and manages to cut right down to the root of the problem as she is guided. Always gentle, always loving and caring.

If I look back at photos of 10 years ago, I can hardly recognise the scared, insecure, fragile version of me. On this new path I’ve learned to put myself first, honouring me and my purpose, putting out boundaries, saying NO confidently (and calmly), expressing myself and managing conflict. As a family we learned that there can be disagreement and expression of opinions and feelings without the drama. It took some time but the anger that was always present has made space for love, for calmness, for understanding. My journey and learnings are far from over, and we all have some triggers and areas which need healing, but through my sessions with Margaret I have also learned to recognise my triggers and insecure areas.

By now Margaret knows my ins and outs, my family, history, relationships, work and life challenges – all very intimately. With her help I have been able to navigate my way through it. I don’t make any major life decisions or changes before seeing her and receiving her guidance in my life. I would not be where I am today, in work, relationships, personal goals and achievements, and financially without Margaret.

Once we start healing the past, dealing with its effects, breaking generational patterns of trauma, abuse, hurt, and survival, we can start receiving all the abundance life and the universe has for us and step into our purpose with confidence. Everyone needs Margaret, and I lovingly encourage you to make an appointment and take the 1st step on your healing journey with her.
- Anonymous
My story – the high level version

My story starts long after most of the events that shaped my life took place. It starts with reaching rock bottom and a realization that something in my life had to change.

At this time, I was working for an organisation that did not see and appreciate all the skills and experience that I had to offer. I was over-worked, underpaid, over-stressed and in fact completely burnt out. I felt that I was undeserving of my awesome, loving husband who was the only one keeping me standing.

It was only when I was sitting in a corner of the bathroom, unable to get myself off the floor, crying so much and so long that I couldn’t breathe anymore that I realized how low I was.

A friend of mine introduced me to her kinesiologist (Margaret) and I thought – “what the hell, I have nothing to lose”. I made an appointment for this treatment that I knew absolutely nothing about and started a journey that would completely transform my life.

During the past decade, with Margaret walking besides me, I’ve faced historical family trauma (rejection, physical and emotional abuse), the death of beloved pets and family members, break-ins at our house, car accidents, job changes and starting my own business. I’ve learnt skills to cope with my limiting beliefs of not being good enough and having to do everything perfect to be loved, accepted, and appreciated.

I believe that the holistic therapy offered by Margaret has been the change I needed. There is not just a focus on exploring how bad your childhood was or how bad your current situation is. The focus of our sessions remains on what we can do to make it better, look towards the future while acknowledging the present situation with all the emotions linked to it. Having someone who sees everything from a different angle, from outside of the situation really makes it all work.

I have realized that my sessions every 4-6 weeks are not a luxury, it is absolutely necessary to help me focus on what I can change and to remind me that I am an awesome, strong, beautiful woman who can do anything that I put my mind to.
- Gloria
After many attempts at telling my clients success stories and struggling with the Hippocratic oath I took on patient confidentiality, I eventually decided that my story was the best option for me to tell as my healing success became the foundation of my practice.

I became a holistic practitioner by curious default through showing and telling my friends and other people what I was currently doing and had done to completely transform my life.

In 1996, my life unravelled - my father died from cancer and my perfect relationship ended because” I had too many animals”, my ex-husband decided that he was no longer going to pay our daughter’s school fees 1 month after we moved her to a private school and my salary hardly covered our living expenses. At age 36, I started waitressing at night to pay the school fees while trying to hold my fragile sanity together.

In 1998, I married an older man on the re-bound, whose promises to take care of me resulted in a chaos that was beyond all things imaginable. 2 months later, I left with my daughter and 4 pets to claw my way back to self-sufficiency.

A friend who was dabbling in the holistic world, passed a flippant comment about how “I should try Kinesiology as it really does stuff,” tossed a business card onto my desk adding that she would check up on me after my first appointment. I had nothing to lose and was desperate enough to try anything.

By my third session, I was aware of how much had changed within me. My natural Gemini curiosity was piqued. Each time I had a session, a “lost” part of me returned and my life became more manageable.

I had returned to waitressing part-time while working a full time job. I realised that by picking up a few more shifts, I could afford our living expenses and the basic kinesiology courses that were available. I needed to know the science behind my recovery. This awareness was life changing. I resigned my full time position and attended every class possible.

By 2000, I was able to “practice formally” with my client base growing as they witnessed my metamorphosis. The invaluable experience of consciously knowing what I had done to help myself and others, gave me the confidence to just do and discover more holistic healing modalities.

Each of the carefully chosen modalities that I studied, used the analogy “peeling off of layers to reveal what needed to be healed - like an onion”. I experienced the healing as cupboard doors bursting open with the trauma that had been shoved inside, tumbling out at my feet like black bags whose contents needed to be disposed off.

As I grew within myself, these peeling layers presented like stacked boxes whose contents needed to be reconsidered.

My method of making healthy and positive choices became a refined tool. I learnt that the risks had to be evaluated with the rewards as every decision had positive and negative consequences. I learnt that if there was no clear answer, that waiting for more information was the best approach. There was no need to ever make a decision to keep the peace or please others.

I learnt to trust myself and make decisions that felt right and that I could change the decision for a better outcome as I went along. I was less triggered by old wounds, unmet needs and less likely to default to unhealthy behaviours.

By trusting in myself, came the awareness of conserving my energy when engaging so that I stayed centred, the value of boundaries and the reward of saying no. I listened to my intuition. I felt bullet proof. These new tools became the foundation of my therapeutic practice.

Another foundation tool that I learnt was tolerance. Trying to be patient made me anxious and untrusting of the time that the process took, while being tolerant allowed the process to unfold without fear or judgement.

Tolerance of myself meant safely going through the emotions while assessing the factual evidence of how I had got to this point in my life. It gave me clarity of the consequences of decisions I had made and action I had taken. It gave me the courage to assess the decisions I needed to make and action that should be taken. It gave me the opportunity to review the long list of faults that I had been given by those who had participated in my life and to see the strengths hidden in these perceived faults. It gave me the skill to listen to the noise inside my head, identify whose voices were loudest and why I should listen to my own voice.

At the time I began my journey, South Africa was in the midst of transition. Holistic healing and spirituality were new concepts. People were sceptical and religion was used as an evaluating tool. The internet had just been established and information was limited.

In my exploration, I chose courses to study based on my personal experience of the modality. I keenly observed the therapists and researched where possible before and after each session. Whilst I gathered fascinating information, I was struck most by the realisation that kindness was not necessarily shown when going through a therapeutic process.

I also learnt that therapists were so focused on fixing me within an allocated period, that they did not have time to listen or engage with me as a person. My commitment to my healing was often not regarded as a contribution to the process.

I vowed that kindness and listening would be the corner stones of my practice with more time for each client - sessions would begin with a cup of tea, followed by a menu option of the healing modalities with homework to reinforce the process. My clients would be active participants in their healing recovery. Every journey is unique thus every solution would be tailor made to support success.

As a therapeutic practitioner, my primary goal is to:
• Kindly and gently support my clients through a process that ensures they make healthy choices in all aspects of their lives, ending the cycle of fear based decisions that are potentially self destructive.
• Focus the overall healing so that the client may become the best version of themselves in all areas of their mental, physical and emotional being.
• Provide clients seeking spiritual development, deeper opportunity for growth so that they evolve from the inner peace achieved through the processes

From my years of practising, I have observed that each therapist attracts clients that will benefit from the therapist’s life experience as well as the therapist’s personal interests and areas of expertise. The elements of sincerity and practical value in the advice given by the therapist has to register within the client’s core essence.

I am aware that the bulk of of my clients need support in:
• Self confidence
• School and academic issues
• Work place situations
• Relationship healing
• Death of a loved one

Self confidence, school and academic issues My lack of self confidence was rooted in disfluency, shyness and a lack of direction. I stuttered very badly as a child and as a young adult struggled to speak when stressed.
I was bright enough to do most things well but was judged on how I did them. Today I would have been diagnosed as ADD. My perceived learning challenges resulted in underachievement and conflict with teachers.

When working with clients who struggle in these areas, I am able to use my experience to identify what they may not able to express for various reasons.

Understanding how my brain “blocked” and discussing what the client experiences in learning situations, we problem solve and trace back to the initial sensitising (root) cause and the subsequent traumas.

Together we find a reason to go to school, an other way to learn, achieve better results and cope with the expectations of the educators.

Work place situations:
Most of the clients I see who are experiencing work place stress feel trapped, under valued and directionless.

For some work is a replication of a school environment. For others, they have not had the opportunity to achieve their full potential due to circumstances beyond their control. The need for a guaranteed salary numbed their dreams and trapped their souls. My work life experience was initially driven by a need to have a qualification then a need to survive followed by what to do with the increasing frustration and boredom until I finally found a combination that satisfied all aspects of my inner yearnings.

It took me years to get to this point so during client sessions, we break down the problems into specific areas and strategise a workable plan of action along the key words of why, what, how, when …

Some clients find positive solutions within their current company while most grow beyond and find new opportunities that make their hearts sing once more.

Healing of Relationships:
Inter-personal relationships are complex interactions at the best of times and come in different forms - every relationship wants a happy story with no tears • Dating
• Engaged to be married
• Marriage
• Parents with children
• Consensual sex after meeting through dating apps
• Separation and divorce recovery
• Partners with ex-es , most often with children from previous relationships
• Adult children and their parents/parents in-law

When working with relationships, it important to understand how the involved parties came together, the reasons why they came together and the reasons for its survival or dissolution.

My personal relationships have taught me that it is critical to analyse very situation that caused discomfort within the relationship. At times my Gemini brain needed an Excel spreadsheet to help me with the overwhelming data.

In finding a workable solution for a healthy relationship, all factors need to be considered, negative emotions neutralised and expectations analysed. Each situation requires a unique plan that requires tolerance, commitment and a desire for a solution that works for all concerned long term.

The word Love is used in relationships for reasons beyond its actual definition. The basis of Love is mutual respect - without mutual respect there can be no love of any kind. People perceive the chemistry of attraction or desire as love but without mutual respect there will be no sustainable companionship that allows growth and longevity within the relationship as the individuals grow.

The words “I love you” are most often code for ; I need you for financial or cultural security/status upgrade/to escape my current situation/I decided to settle as this may be my last chance for happiness …..and many other reasons.

All relationships have good periods and struggle periods no matter how much work goes into to maintaining their health. It is not possible to agree on everything and respect for the difference of opinions is important. It is not losing and it is not compromise. It is mutual respect.

Conflict in relationship stems from base insecurities - unmet expectations, old wounds, poor communications, lack of trust which then trigger competitive and controlling behaviours.

When there is financial disparity within the relationship with poor communication, the conflict easily becomes abusive. Money is perceived as a powerful tool in most spheres of life. In relationships, it may be used as a weapon. Whilst it is critical that both parties maintain financial independence, a respectful solution has to be agreed over shared expenses. A pre-nuptial or co-habitation agreement may govern the financial health of the relationship, but an Anti Nuptial Contact merely lays down the guidelines of how it will end.

While, it is important to understand why the relationship ended, during separation and divorce recovery, the focus needs to be on how self sufficiency and renewed confidence can be achieved while facing the future alone without repeating old mistakes and defaulting to unhealthy behaviours. The healing process is about rediscovering yourself and embracing the full spectrum of your being.

Death of a loved one, personal loss and miscarriage
Death and loss are frequent occurrences in our lives and even when/if we are prepared on some level, the finality of the end is received uniquely by those experiencing the reality.

Grief is a long and complex journey that needs to be walked through with every possible means of support available. Listening and sincerity are the most important skills required by those supporting the Grieving. Each loss we experience is different and yet the emotions we experience are an accumulation of prior loss.

No loss is less than or comparative - the biggest challenge those grieving have to face is the thoughtless support from those around them who mean to be kind …

No grief process has a time limit. It is deeply personal as the process requires reflection from all aspects. Making major decisions during the first year of loss will have major repercussions long term.

It can take 2-5 years to come to terms with the gap left behind, however the loss is to infinity. There is no replacement or substitute just acceptance of what is for now.

I recently lost my younger brother and my elderly dog within a short span of each other. The pain triggered an existential crisis within that took me across the length and breadth of my full and busy 62 years.

The quote “with death comes healing” resounded throughout my being. I revisited the legacy I would like to leave behind and with deeper wisdom recommitted to my practice ethics.

- Margaret
My 21-year healing journey with Margaret

Faced with writing down my story initially left me spinning because how do I put into words this healing journey that started in the Summer of 2001 and remains the cornerstone of my life to this day.

I was referred to Margaret at the lowest point in my life, having faced the breakup of a long-term relationship 3 months prior and relocating to a new town, I was lonely, despondent about the future and desperate to ‘fix’ me as I couldn’t bear the thought of another failed relationship.

What transpired after that first session was a revelation and the journey of transformation and re-connection with the girl I lost along the way.

Margaret is an inspiration and the best way to describe the feeling I have in her presence is like being cocooned in a warm, safe blanket while she guides you through your deepest fears and heavy feelings without judgement. Her advice is tailored to meet the needs of your inner wisdom and for your highest good.

She has become my beacon of hope as I have navigated the deep waters grieving the loss of my parents, emigration, career change and roller coaster of parenthood and marriage over the past 20 years. She is my safe harbour for all the challenges life has brought my way and remains the person I trust the most to guide me honestly and safely when triggered and emotional to process and heal in a calm and rational way.

Healing is a messy and difficult journey and I know 1000 times over that I would never have found the strength to change what I could, accept what I couldn’t and live my life with the purpose and clarity that I do today without the love and support of Margaret.

I wish you all the best on your healing journey as you trust Margaret to guide YOU to find YOU again and live your best life on your terms.

In light and love
- Charlie
My Healing Journey with the help of Margaret Schwanzer

I started seeking assistance after ending a traumatic relationship, followed by having to have my eggs retrieved via IVF and then being operated on to remove stage 4 endometriosis from my body. Understandably, my body and my mind were in crisis, and I knew a normal doctor/GP wasn’t enough in this situation, because after everything I went through, for all intents and purposes, I was “healthy” and somehow I was led to Margaret Schwanzer.

Being a more spiritual-based person finding Margaret was a godsend for me because I was able to share my experiences and my need to heal my mind and body from the trauma openly and freely with her. I have also always felt safe to share with her whatever was on my mind, which is important in my healing journey, no matter how ashamed or sad I may have felt over/because of something.

To this day I don’t know how I found Margaret, it could only be through some divine intervention that I was led to her and I have stayed working with her since December 2016 (nearly 6 years at the time of writing this). For me, this makes having Margaret a part of my healing journey even more special.

Once we had worked on my immediate trauma and healed it I started working on trauma from my childhood and then my day-to-day life, such as work and family etc. We have also worked on building a better future for myself, working on being the best version of myself today. Nearly 6 years later you can imagine we have covered and explored many areas of my life that I wanted to heal and transform with her help and I am a far cry from the person I was when I first met Margaret.

I am so grateful for all that she has helped me to heal and achieve on my journey.

Thank you, Margaret.
- Stephanie Hunttington
My Journey

I came to Margaret Schwanzer some twenty two years ago purely by default. The animal behaviourist we consulted with, for our two new pups suggested Margaret do a session to get some info from the one pup who suddenly started having frequent seizures. Wendy, the behaviourist would be the surrogate. All they needed was a photo of our cutie pie and a snip of her hair in an envelope, untouched by human hands! I was a very practical person, meaning I had to be able to see, hear and touch things. I had virtually no understanding of the spiritual world and alternate medicine and healing was completely foreign to me! Nevertheless, I was willing to give it a try as I was desperate for help. My late husband, on the other hand, was not at all keen and paid no credence to what he called “this uger buger stuff”…..until the process started!

After the first session, Wendy reported back to us with some very interesting and accurate information that neither she nor Margaret could have known. And so my journey with Margaret began, as did my spiritual journey. After the third session that Wendy acted as the surrogate, it came out that each appointment was 2 hours long. I had no idea and then felt that it was not right for us to keep imposing on her. My husband, Nate and I decided to continue the process, travelling quite a distance once a month to help heal our precious pup. We were guided to a homeopathic vet who managed to get the seizures under control and so there was no need for us to continue with the appointments at Margaret.

Some six years later, out of the blue, I received an email from Margaret in which she said that I’d been in her thoughts and asked if I was ok? How could she know that just a couple of months earlier my dear Nate, the one and only love of my life had passed away? I’d waited twelve years for him until the time was right for us to marry. And just like that, in a blink of an eye, not even ten years later, he was snatched from me. I was a broken person! Shattered! Unable to function! But, I had to! So, I didn’t allow myself to feel and began operating in survival mode. Margaret, compassionately offered to help me, even knowing I was struggling financially.
Most of the beginning of my healing is a blur. However, over the years, I do remember Margaret using a variety of techniques as I made progress. I do remember always feeling safe and calm whenever I visited her. And, so the time went on. I started to feel less desperate and slowly, slowly more able to manage my life.

Margaret has seen me through the loss of my darling mother, just a few months after Nate left me. She has seen me through the loss of four of my precious fur babies, two of them at the exact same time. Without judgment, she has worked through silly relationships with me. She has assisted me when all my family emigrated, leaving me completely on my own! Margaret has assisted me in changing jobs – one of them causing me extreme stress and unhappiness. She has helped me build my confidence and self worth over the years and continues to do so each time I see her.

Margaret is now guiding me in dealing with staff as I have recently been promoted to a management position.

It is 10 years on, and I still visit Margaret, albeit less frequently. Why? Because now we also laugh together!
- Suzi