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This practice is built on heart and our passion lies in defending the helpless and standing up for the voiceless

Guido Balsari

From Mediterranean origins, Guido was born and raised in Italy. He settled in South Africa in 2003 after attending the Italian Army. After a career in the mining and engineering sectors spanning 23 years, Guido has chosen a path of service to the community and has dedicated himself to helping others. He is a SA accredited Family Law mediator and presenter of Self Actualisation Workshops. He is a sought after motivational / inspirational speaker and author. After experiencing a difficult divorce and custody battle for his children lasting 4 ½ years, Guido aims to use his experience to assist families with these same struggles. Some of his credentials are as follows: Master Life Coach and NLP Practitioner Master Mindfulness Practitioner Cognitive Behavioural Therapist Dialiactive Behavioural Therapist Hypnotherapy Practitioner Internally Accredited Master Negotiator SA Accredited Family Law Mediator Body Language and Human Behaviour Specialist (SOP) Diploma in Neuroplasricity



Born in South Africa to an Italian family. Francesca has a background in Public Relations and in Logistics but has found her purpose in service to others and helping families in crisis. Also after a difficult divorce, Francesca has dedicated herself to Divorce support and family reconciliation.

Mindful Family Rescue is a practice centred around assisting families at times where there are struggles and crisis.

We are divided into four Divisions:

Family matters – Divorce Design – We are South African registered Mediators and can assist with Divorces, mediation, parental plans, maintenance agreements, care and contact arrangements and protection orders. We specialise in highly emotional separations especially involving children. Our mindful approach and experience, joined with our team if specialists aims to protect the children from a traumatizing experience that will affect their life forever. The real damages of a divorce are seen in the choices of partners of young adults, we protect your children from your emotions. We charge a fraction of the price than attorneys and we offer answers and assistance through a time in your life that is full of uncertainty and pain. We are able to assist with mediation via Zoom country wide and we can travel country wide for medium to large estate cases.

Emotional Support – We all go through times that we need support and a compassionate ear. We offer support through Relationship Coaching, Divorce support, Family Reconciliation, Child Therapy and Teen Coaching. Its only human to ask for help.

Substance Abuse and Addiction – Having a family member in addiction is a heart breaking and emotional journey. We aim to assist families by helping with Rehabilitation committals, Diversions, Interventions, Addiction and mental disorders, Addiction and emotional disorders, Dual diagnosis and we offer family support and coaching through addiction. Addiction is a family problem, in the attempt to find a permanent solution it has to be addressed holistically. If you are part of the problem you have to be part if the solution. Understanding the consequences of addiction, not only behavioural but from a mental health perspective is the first step in the right direction. Choosing the correct rehabilitation process, model of intervention, accountability system as well rehabilitation centres are all vital part of the process in an attempt to help your loved ones.

Teaching Together – A cause close to our hearts. We offer various workshops for Self Actualisation. Online via Zoom or face to face. The beauty behind watching people grow and finding their purpose and becoming a true reflection of themselves is what inspires us. Some of the workshops available are Self Discovery, Mindfulness in Business, Art of Concentration, Building your Relationship, Becoming an effective communicator, Body language and How to be a charismatic leader. Through this division we also offer Life Coaching.

When everything seems impossible… We step in.

Contact Details: Francesca Masia 083 677 1123