Helen Christoforou
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  • Access Consciousness® Bars Certified Facilitator
  • Body Process Facilitator
  • Access Consciousness®

What are the Bars?

This is a hands on modality that gently touches 32 points on your head.

These points relate to various areas of your life and when lightly touched, they enable the person receiving to release any stuck and limiting points of view / limitations / beliefs / that they have stored around those points.

At worst, it will feel like you just had a relaxing massage, at best, it may just change your life!

You don’t have to do anything, be anything or be aware of anything for you to experience shifts and changes. All it takes is the willingness to receive. Are you willing to receive? What if it was possible for all of life to come to you with ease, joy and glory?

What if it didn’t have to be HARD WORK and something you had to GO THROUGH to reach the other side?

What if it could be as easy as releasing everything that is not working for you and just allowing YOU and who YOU truly are to show up?

What would your life be like if more and more of who YOU truly are showed up?

What else would be possible for you?

I have spent many years in the marketing and communications field where I have indulged my passion for creating, sustaining, reviving and reinvigorating brands.

I have always had a keen sense of the concept of the whole being more than the sum of its parts and have been exploring and studying different energetic healing and esoteric modalities for many years: these include Reiki, Crystal Healing, Metamorphosis, Colour Therapy, Massage, Journey Therapy, Antaneea, Munay Ki and Access Consciousness®.

With a firm conviction in there being MORE and working with large teams of people in my corporate and advertising career, I began to sense that people had a desire to return to their centre and that assisting in the creating, sustaining, revival and re-energising of people by far out weighted anything I had ever done before.

With a renewed sense of purpose, I have stepped out of my “day” job and committed myself to exploring, expanding, exposing and extrapolating my centre and facilitating people in finding theirs and knowing the magical, amazing beings they truly are. Are you ready to explore, create, revive and re-energize your life?

Through many courses, self help books and self study, I have always come to a point in my self mastery and transforming my life and no further.

Part of this search, lead me to Access Consciousness® and the hands on modality called The Bars.

It is unlike anything I have experienced before and I am excited to share this with you. Everyday feels new and offers possibilities I never knew existed.

There doesn’t seem to be an end to this particular journey and every time I appear to be stuck, or to have reached a dead end, I use some of the tools I have learned or I get my Bars run and that leads to more space and more possibilities opening up.

Have you always known that something else was possible?
Have you felt limited or stuck in some areas causing you stress and anxiety?

How much fun are you having as you navigate your life and living?

What could this do for you?