Lara Wesson Psychological Counsellor
083 792 2662
BA(Psych) Wits (Hons) B.Psych Equivalent (UNISA)
  • Registered Psychological counsellor
  • Trauma relationship specialist
  • Adolescent Life Skills development.
  • Expressive Dance & Movement Therapist
  • Chakra Dance Therapist
  • Jungian Shadow Work Therapist
  • Soul Archetype Group Facilitation Therapy

I have been working as a holistic mental health counsellor for fifteen years.

My clients have ranged from adolescents through to adults, who experience
• Depression
• Anxiety,
• Sensory integration disorders
• Conduct disorders
• Trauma
• Grief
• Behavioral and substance based addiction and codependency.

I understand that people experience difficulties and hardships their lives that do not necessarily warrant a mental health diagnosis, but could benefit from supportive guidance. Thus I offer ;
• Couples counselling
• Mediation
• Proup/Process Therapy,
• Didactic and Archetypal workshops
• Therapeutic life skills developmental service

Being a holistic practitioner means that I take the WHOLE person into consideration- their background, personality, interests, strengths, family dynamics, work/career, spiritual and existential issues.

I employ effective, creative problem-solving methods based on needs, desires and potential capabilities of each client; from which we can create a tailor-made toolbox for their journey ahead.

I am passionate about collaborating with people seeking awareness, guidance and clarity in understanding themselves and their world.

I believe in the strength and resilience of people to overcome obstacles presented to them in their lives.

Healing the body, mind spirit and embracing their Authenticicty