T/Dr. Margaret Schwanzer
CHt EPP D.Emed
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I am a Holistic Therapist who does integrated body processing using the following modalities that are incorporated in my treatments:


Covers conventional and traditional healing methods.

It requires the study of a wide range of subjects that include basic clinical sciences, basic pathology, anatomy and physiology, fundamental pharma-cology, african traditional herbology, ethics, first aid levels 1&2, counselling and communication skills, SA health care systems, nutrition and nutritional medicine, basic psychology, basic immunology


Covers the medically recognised methods of hypnosis and the treatment of various issues using hypnosis.

Hypnosis occurs when the critical facility between the conscious and subconscious minds drops and information may be reframed to facilitate the objective use of the information.

An Ethno-Psychologist also accepts the existence of the spirit world and the influences it may have positively or negatively on the patient.

Body Alignment

This modality recognises past lives and the soul influence on the patients.

The corrections range from physiological to spiritual techniques, sacred geometry and energetic supplementation (similar to Homeopathy).

The facilitator is required to have a working knowledge of the sciences Anatomy and Physiology.

Muscle testing or a pendulum is used to identify the body imbalances and appropriate corrections to achieve balance.

Vibro-Harmonising Technique (VHT)

This modality is derived from the modality known as Bowen Technique.

The healing techniques are physical tissue releases performed on the body to facilitate the release of trapped toxins, body fluids, nerves and muscles.

It stimulates the nervous system and muscle layers back to the correct postural positioning required for healthy physical functioning.

Tibetan Healing

Incorporates the use of meridian therapy, sound therapy crystals, alternating temperatures, acupuncture or acupressure and herbs in the healing techniques.

Each person has their own unique frequency and the use of various sounds, colour and crystals enables the patient to resonate to their correct frequency and thus achieve a harmonious existence.

Colours and Crystals have unique frequencies.

These frequencies link into the hypothalamus gland and thus into the “switchboard” network of the nervous system.

Elementary Traditional
Chinese Medicine

Facilitates healing through the 12 main meridians and their specific points using acupressure, sound and the stimulation or sedation of the five body elements;
  • Fire
  • Earth
  • Water
  • Metal
  • Wood
It incorporates nutritional, mineral and herbal supplementation.

Colour Therapy

Each colour has a unique frequency and by using knowledge of these frequencies, the appropriate colour can be used to correct mental, emotional and physical imbalances.

Oriental Diagnostics

This is an ancient holistic system that uses a diagnostic interpretation of what is visible to detect physical imbalances.

The practitioner looks at the patient’s

  • Eyes and Ears
  • Mouth, teeth and nose
  • Hands and feet
  • Hair, cheeks and skin

Angel Therapy

A spiritual based modality that invokes the energies of the angelic realms to support the patient in their healing path.


Munkay Ki Shamanic

This Andean modality acknowledges our service to the greater good of all.

It encompasses the universal systems, plants, animals, water and mankind for the harmonious existence of all beings, seen and unseen on planet Earth.

The impact of positive thinking
on the body's physical healing process

The human body has a self-fulfilling prophecy built into it. The body will do and respond to whatever the person within it tells it to do. The percentage to which we heal anything is governed by the desire and willingness to which we want to change our lives. If you desire 10%, that is all you will get despite the committed efforts of the doctors and therapists that you see and pay.

For some people being sick or unwell has a benefit as they get undivided attention even if they have to pay for it as they go from doctor to doctor, therapist to therapist.

In a nut shell, thinking activates genes, our brains are shaped by our reactions and thinking changes our DNA. The research showed that 5-16 minutes a day of focused meditative capturing of thoughts shifts the frontal brain states.

I use the muscle testing/bio-feed back technique which enables the facilitator to ask the body questions based on a yes/no response. This means that you can ask the body anything provided the question allows a yes/no reply and the questions asked are based on the factual experience of the person whose body you are asking the questions of.

Each therapy session is two hours so that the patients and I have time to talk and work.

During the first hour the patients talks about their issues and receive counselling and coaching advice. During the second hour, the patient lies down my therapy bed and using muscle testing, I identify the areas of imbalance and identify the most appropriate correction from a “menu option” of corrections available from the various modalities I am trained in.

I am constantly researching and reading as well as doing courses which allows me to add and grow the modalities available to me for my clients facilitation and healing.

Using this appropriate correction, I then neutralise the negatives charges attached to the imbalance. The healing process may simply be explained as a problem solving process. The body works on a triangle comprised of mental, emotional and physical components.

Each directly impacts on each other i.e.: a physical injury may not heal fully if there is an emotional or mental aspect attached to the injury/incident.

A number of Johannesburg and Pretoria based doctors refer patients to me for the healing of various physical injuries based on this awareness by the medical profession. This truly is complimentary to other treatments and can be seen as a support to rather than a replacement for traditional approaches.

The facts of the circumstances contributing to the imbalances can not be changed but the negative emotional and mental charges attached to these aspects can be neutralised.

Once the mental and emotional aspects have been identified and the charges have been neutralised, the physical healing occurs.

The body has an innate ability to heal itself and desires to be whole, healed and healthy.

Once physically healed, the patient tends to adopt positive mental and emotional attitudes.

How muscle testing assists in patient's healing

Muscle testing, enables the therapist to identify the areas of imbalance in the patient’s body and identify the most appropriate corrections from a “menu option” of corrections available from the various modalities that I am trained in.

When working on a patient, I look at their entire life from conception through to present time. In some cases it is necessary to investigate the period prior to their conception as the soul observes and chooses its parents 2-3 years prior to the conception.

Each imbalance is explored in the time frames of “past, present and future” (usually 3 months in advance). The patient’s perception of their past, present and future is critical to their well being as their perception is their reality.

In neutralising the imbalance, it is also critical to ascertain the time of day and whether the patients’s eyes were open or closed at the time of the trauma. Smells, sounds, visual images and other environmental factors also contribute to the hypnotic factors affecting the way the trauma has been filed in the body.

The muscle testing helps identify where the body has stored the accumulative trauma and which organs and meridians are compromised.

Through the problem solving exercise of asking the body questions, the therapist is able to establish more relevant information than the conscious memory recall and thus able to access further suppressed files within the subconscious mind/memory.