Quintin Muller and
Claudia Daubermann

Claudia: 071 367 8873
Quintin: 071 313 8383

The Woven Heart Alchemy Tribe

Quintin is a Breathwork, meditation facilitator, and yoga Nidra Coach who offers one on one or group sessions.

Claudia is a Women’s Holistic Wellness coach who offers various womb healing modalities such as Maya Therapy and Womb Reiki.

Together we have co-created Woven Alchemy and the offerings include products, services, Cacao ceremonies, monthly circles. workshops and classes.

Come and connect with us through Heartspace.

For any bookings or enquiries, please contact us.

The Cosmic Womb – Women’s Holistic Wellness

Welcome to The Cosmic Womb💗 A sacred space where we will journey into our Womb – Heart Spaces to unravel all the juicy medicine encompassed within. Let me walk with you on your journey of reconnection.

– Womb Reiki – R850 1st Session & Consultation – R550 Afterwards per hour
– Maya Therapy – R850 1st Session & Consultation – R650 Afterwards per hour
– Yoni Steaming Herbs – R80.00
– Women’s Wellness Coaching – R1050 1st Session & Consultation – R850 per Hour Afterwards
– Rite of the Womb (Free with your First Session of Womb Reiki, Maya Therapy, Coaching)

Courses/Workshops/And More
Enquire for Pricing (Pricing is subject to each Individual/Group depending on what is needed)
Women’s Workshops
Menarche Ceremony

Website Link for more information
IX Chel – intothecosmicwomb@gmail.com
Contact Number – 071 367 8873


“Life is a ceremony and you are the sacred space” – IX Chel Phoenix
Cacao is a powerful plant teacher that works as a partner rather than a leader. The Spirit of the Cacao is a Master Plant Teacher and is also known as the Cacao Goddess. She is gentle and nurturing, but at the same time an incredibly powerful healer.

Products & Services
– 28 Days With IX Cacao Micro dosing – R222 per 200g
– Ceremonial Cacao Paste – R333 per 150g
– Cacao Treats – Enquire for Orders & Pricing
– Cacao Ceremonies, Workshops & More

Website Link for more information
Whatsapp us on 071 570 7733
Email us cacaoista@gmail.com

Woven Heart Alchemy – Cosmic Quantum Consciousness

Woven Heart Alchemy is a space, an expression, a form of unity between the weaved energy streams every single piece of existence her within this life. We are woven by invisible threads of lifeforce energy, we may not be able to see it, but you can feel it and sense it. Sometimes when you become really still and present for a brief moment, that one moment of breath, then you realize how beautifully this is tied into life. We are here fusing the tools & lessons we have learned, and still do, bringing them into creation through sharing it with the world around us. These teachings and ways of life help us navigate this path we are on. We are one. We are Woven.

Join the Whatsapp Group by sending a message to 0713138383 starting with “Hi, My Name is (X) and I would like to join your Zen Zone group for bookings, information, & notifications.”

Breathwork, Meditation, and Yoga Nidra Session Times:
Generally from 07:45AM to 09:00AM (Class starts at 08:00AM – Please be sure to be there around -7:45AM to be settled in when the session starts).
R150.00 Per Person (Special Offer – R450 For the 4 General Sessions (This Excludes Chocolate Yoga Nidra))
Please make sure you make your bookings before a session starts!

Vogalicious Leggings – R100.00 per Pair (Order a Surprise Pack & Pay R300.00 for 4 – T’s & C’s Apply)
From the Yoga Studio, or the Dance Floor, To Meditation Class, Weekly Shopping, Chilling at Home or Just Doing You.
Leggings to Life In

Inner Child Drops – R100 Per 30ml
Chamomile & Honey Calcite infused flower essence to assist you with reconnecting to your joy through inner child work.

Self-Love Drops – R100 Per 30ml
Rose & Rose Quartz infused flower essence in support of your self-love process and journey into the heart space.

Shadow Drops – R100 Per 30ml
Lavender & Amethyst infused flower essence as you journey into the dark womb to integrate your traumas & wounding.

Sacred Space Spray – R120 per 50ml
Clary Sage and Sandalwood infused blessed water for cleansing and clearing of tools & spaces.

Bath Salts –
3 Special types of Bath Salts for personal wellness Contact for Pricing & variety available

Website Link for more information
Contact us via email wovenheartalchemy@gmail.com
Or Whatsapp us IX Chel Claudia 071 367 8873 / Quintin 071 313 8383

The Cosmic Womb Testimonials

Womb Reiki & Clearing

I am pleased with the way in which Claudia handled me from the very start of the session. She welcomed me with open arms, offered me water, sat me down and explained the process in full detail. I was impressed with her professionalism and ethical behavior when she gave me the paperwork (Indemnity Form) to sign, as well as a document, thoroughly explaining the process. Connecting with Claudia felt natural and effortless. She took the time to communicate with me in order to understand my needs and the reasoning behind why I wanted to have a session with her. Shortly after, we did an intention-setting invocation. I really enjoyed connecting with my womb during that process.
Claudia then tucked me in on the massage bed with such care and it felt very maternal. The reiki energy that poured out from her was somewhat potent and overwhelming, and yet soft and gentle at the same time. I felt an electromagnetic pull throughout the session, wherever her hands went, leaving sensations of warmth and calm throughout my body.
She spoke to me throughout the session, and I believe that’s what kept me calm and at ease. I am still recovering from the healing and will definitely be returning again.
- Micarah Singh
Reiki Healing & Maya Therapy

So my journey with Claudia I feel was divine intervention at it’s best. I cried my way to work one rainy morning, asking for help from the Divine mothers for support and that evening came across her details. And I somehow knew this is the person I needed in my life. We then had our first session and my first rainbow reiki session. It was the most beautiful session I ‘ve had ever. The place was so tranquil and so welcoming. But what I love about Claudia is that even after the sessions, she‘s there to support you and somehow knows when to reach out. She’s introduced me to Cacao and I ‘ve been questioning as to why it’s taken me this long to try it! I feel like everyone needs Claudia in their life, regardless of how long but it’s purely because she makes you feel loved, welcome and safe. I ‘ve also had the pleasure of doing a women’s holistic health course with her and as a woman who hasn‘t had children as yet and suffers from inner child wounds, this is something that really blew me over. I leant so much and it’s a safe place for women of all ages and backgrounds to come together to speak and heal as one and also support one another. Claudia isn‘t just my healer or rainbow reiki person, she’s now my family and someone I trust with my life. I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t have her support, love and guidance.
- Kerosha Naidoo
Maya Therapy Post C-Section

I recently had the privilege to experience my first Maya womb massage with Claudia and it was superb. I never knew how important it was looking after your womb. I left The Cosmic Womb feeling revived and so informed about how to care for my womb especially after having a cesarean, I needed special care. I highly recommend this for all women to experience at least just once but I know you ‘ll be back for more coz that’s how special and good it was. Thank you Claudia at Cosmic Womb for showing me such immense love and care.
- Anca Gullet