Romy Morsner

Holistic Counsellor (ASCHP), Psychic Medium

My ideal client is ready to face their denial, fears and aspects of themselves that they have been avoiding. Their issues range from fear of not being good enough, addiction or alcoholism, past trauma and abuse, neglect, depression, feeling alone, anxiety and co-dependency. They need to be heard and understood and feel that they are overwhelmed by their daily responsibilities. They need to feel safe and find a way to cope with their emotions. They want to find a way to feel less stressed and stuck. They want to overcome the fear that they have been living with.

I apply various therapeutic approaches to my counselling depending on the issues at hand. I help each individual to tackle their challenges one at a time comfortably and with ease. I focus on a goal oriented therapeutic process where I guide the client to find their way to their own best outcomes.

It seems daunting to take the first step to ask for help. The best thing that you can do for yourself is to reach out. There is strength in and courage in taking the step to finding a way forward from a place that you don’t want to be.


  • Group sessions once a week (R 350.00 per session)
  • Individual Counselling (R850.00)
  • Colour Therapy (R750)
  • Transpersonal Numerology (R750.00)
  • Reiki healing (R 850.00)
  • Psychic readings (R750.00)
  • Speaking Engagements (Price on request)
  • Corporate Colour Therapy days R3000.00 per day (pricing might fluctuate according to distance to be travelled)


  • 3 Container Holistic Integration (Holistic Recovery program for addiction, codependency, trauma and anxiety/depression) (2 Sessions per week – 1 group session, 1 individual session) R 6690.00 per month
  • Own Your Sh#t workshop (3 Sessions over 3 weeks) R3000.00

Own your Sh#t Workshop

Do you have patterns that you want to break and want a safe and non-judgemental space for support to do so? Are you feeling stuck and are struggling to understand why you keep walking into the same holes? Are you feeling frustrated and angry with yourself for having trouble dealing with your emotions in challenging situations? Do you try to control things around you?

Why the name “Own your sh#t?”

Owning our part in our lives can be quite difficult. Having a true understanding and awareness of the difficulties we create for ourselves require a large amount of honesty and courage. The first part of this workshop, day one will look at the top layers of fears that we carry with us. Many times fears are as a result of past negative experiences, or what we see others experience and are afraid to experience ourselves. This is called conditioning. Fears are healthy, but when it comes to our day to day lives and it encroaches on our wellbeing – the existential fears as I call them – it is time to face them directly. We will do exercises in identifying our fears and talk about how to face them. What emotions come up and what we need to do to overcome them.

The second part of the workshop will look at our deeper insecurities. The insecurities that we have developed as a result of belief systems or schemas that we carry with us. These are thought patterns, inner conversations that we have based on what we believe to be true but are not always as accurate as we may believe. We work on internal dialogue, identifying who we truly are and what we can do to become that which we seek to be.

The third part of the workshop is based on the understanding that when we truly accept and love ourselves, we are closest to our true nature. In that we become more inclined to do the things that make us truly happy rather than chasing things that are not as good for us as what we may believe. When your cup is truly full, you can pour goodness into other’s cups. However, when you do not look after yourself in the best way, you eventually pour dust into the cups of those you love. We look at what self-love and acceptance means, how to become more aware of ourselves, and how to develop a sense of metaphysical security.

This is 3-month workshop over the weekends – each a day, preferably on a Saturday or Sunday. The workshop will work as follows:

Group sessions (2 to 2.5 hours) for the first three weeks.
Week 1 – Introduction and ice breaker (30 Minutes)
Week 2 – Expressive art session (2.5 hours).
Week 3 – Moving meditation (45 minutes – 1 hour).
Week 4 – Integration meditation and exercises (30 minutes – 1 hour)

R 3 000.00 Per workshop (inclusive of all four sessions) – All art materials included and a parting gift will be given to you for your dedication.

3 Container Holistic Integration Introduction

This creative and comprehensive program is designed to help individuals grow out of their old patterns and behaviour to develop new healthy patterns that will help them navigate through the ups and downs of life. It is designed to assist individuals to find an expanded and different perspective, to help them grow through creativity and connection and to educate them about their cognitive processes and their ability for emotional regulation with the support of empathetic guides. The process of the program is as follows:

The program is run at 4 Francis Road, Blairgowrie


1 Topic Group Session a week
1 Individual Session
1 Expressive art class/1 moving meditation class alternating every second week

An example of the topics of the program can be seen below:








Ice breaker

Explanations and instructions


Challenging and Identifying our fear & insecurities




Finding calm


Letting go of control

Surrendering to the flow


Emotions – Addressing guilt & shame, self soothing practices

Unplugging the guilt


Define and address want/need & acceptance for change

Activating your solar energy


Facing consequences

Mapping your inner discipline






Listening to the central compass


The Meaning of Self-love & Self-acceptance

Balancing it out


Balance – Key topic

Bridging the gap


Schema debunking

Songs of the body


Communication Skills

Creative exploration


Readiness evaluation for next section to be done



Assessment for readiness


Concept of perfectionism



Denial, Discernment, perspective

Discernment through focus


Patterns and cycles, Archetypes, shadow



Practicing mindfulness and self-awareness


The topics have been designed in this order according to a formula. If you would like more information about this please contact me for more information. The program is to be facilitated in a certain way and there are exercises in the program that assists the clients to remember what they were taught in order for them to remember that they can apply the various tools that they developed during the sessions. I encourage my clients to practice the tools that they have gathered during these sessions, as these coping tools can be applied in everyday life.

If you have any questions, please contact me on:

Romy Morsner071 361 3495

Romy Morsner Testimonials

Hello, I just wanted to send short appreciation message ❤️

We haven’t spoken in a while, but I wanted to say that our sessions last year helped me so so much! My perspective about a lot of things thanks to you changed completely! I do deal with daily challenges and stress a lot better lately. I am still overachiever 🙈 😁 , won’t lie, but so much kinder to myself. I have managed to open up a second business, already have new clients this year, got promotion at the corporate job, I am in a process of buying a place here in Joburg and even lost a lot of weight, so feeling truly happy and healthy. I have tamed a lot of my fears and use them rather as inspiration that a stress factor lately.
And even though I am still single and have tons of terrible first date stories to share 😂 setting up boundaries and understanding what I want from the relationship and my future partner became so much easier.

So thank you
- Anonymous
Romy is a highly skilled therapist.

She is professional, and empathetic and an all-round fantastic therapist. She takes great care of her clients; she is reliable; supportive and honest. Romy will not unnecessarily keep you in therapy for years. Her methods are effective and equip you to be able to cope with your everyday life.
My very first meeting with her I knew I was in the right hands. She is easy to open up to, you immediately feel that you are in a safe space with her. Romy has helped equip me with tools and practices on how to communicate effectively, managing my emotions and stressful life and work situations, healing and making peace with childhood traumas and also how to manage my relationships.
Romy is reliable and truly cares for her clients; she is available and makes time for you should you need to talk to her urgently outside of the appointments.
Romy is more than just a therapist; she is also healer. My first ever Reiki session was with her, she explained everything in detail before beginning the session. And after the session, she did an in-depth explanation on what transpired during the session. I was absolutely mind blown by this Reiki session.
Romy has completely changed my life; I am a different person since meeting her. I am more confident, my communication skills have improved, I am no longer an anxious mess.
- Anonymous