Ulrike Pressler

Tel: 083 746 6440
Email: ulrike.p@mweb.co.za

Meditation Teacher
Om Chanting Facilitator

I was born and raised in Austria, where I also completed my teacher’s training.

After having moved to South Africa, I felt inspired by the country’s diverse cultures, made friends from all walks of life and began to look at life and the nature of our existence from a deeper perspective. Intense years of learning about and having direct experience of different Western and Eastern teachings followed. I feel very blessed to have met a fully enlightened Master and for the guidance and insights that I have been given.

Guided Meditations

After having been on an inner journey for many years, I feel greatly inspired to help others lead a more meaningful life, to find a higher purpose and to support each and everyone on their own path. In all meditations, participants are gently guided to let go and break free from conditioned beliefs and thought patterns, to experience a more peaceful state and greater awareness.

Om Chanting

Om Chanting is an ancient healing practice, using the sound of creation, the purest and highest vibration to heal, balance and uplift ourselves and the environment at to expand our awareness. Participants have felt a deep release, lighter and more positive after an Om Chanting session.

For more information or to join one of the sessions, please contact Ulrike Pressler on:

E-mail: ulrike.p@mweb.co.za

Cell: 083 746 6440